Eric Buttner


Tree House Culture is a very beautiful thing, I believe we have something that nobody else can offer, not only are we helping others who suffer from the disease of addiction but we are helping them be better men in general. I owe my life today to the work that I have done with Tree House, I have a beautiful daughter whom I get to spend everyday with and be present with her, I have a loving fiancee who I can be there for and help. I also have a wonderful extended family on the east coast who I visit and visit me as often as possible, today I love my life and I can say without a doubt that without the tools I was given at Tree House that would not be so. I truly enjoy coming to work everyday because I get to be around positive people who will stop at nothing to help out someone in need.

  • Peer to Peer Support Specialist
  • HIPPA Certified
  • RADT1 Registered
  • First Aid Certified