Planning Your Oregon Summer Road Trip

Planning Your Oregon Summer Road Trip

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Summertime is travel time in Oregon. Unfortunately, that also means a lot of tourists are coming to Oregon, making some of the more popular spots full of locals and tourists alike. The rich wilderness of the Pacific Northwest offers you an array of possibilities for amazing summer road trips, camping adventures, and more. It’s true Oneonta Gorge is going to be packed for months. Pack the car, hit the road, and experience the rest our beautiful state has to offer. There’s absolutely nothing in the world quite like an Oregon summer.

One way to plan your Oregon summer road trip is to decide what you want to plan your trip around. Since Oregon’s natural offerings are so diverse, there are many options available. Try narrowing down a specific focus or two for your trip, like mountains, rivers, national parks and monuments, towns, or activities.


Oregon’s dense nature means large stretches of area without heavy population or light pollution, which then means some amazing stargazing. Without the cloudiness which covers Oregon skies most of the year, summertime offers incredible stargazing opportunities. Incorporate camping at Cannon Beach for your coastal road trip or Los Lake for your Mt.Hood adventures. Into other wilderness areas, booking a night or two at a Fire Lookout Tower can also provide amazing star sightings. If you head out east, the Broken Top stratovolcano in the Three Sisters Wilderness will set images on your eyes you won’t soon forget.

River Adventures

You’ve heard of white water rafting, but have you heard of white water SUPing? Of course in Oregon, that’s a thing. Catch Class I, II, and III white water rapids on the Lower Deschutes where you’ll be surrounded by beautiful mountains, towering rock walls, and lush greenery. You’ll be able to say you don’t take white water rapids sitting down.


Another on your feet activity to try in the summertime on Oregon’s open waters is kiteboarding. The Columbia River Gorge offers opportunities to learn how to kiteboard in more secure locations. Kiteboarding on the ocean can be dangerous. In the Gorge, you’ll be surrounded by beautiful nature and mind blowing landscapes.

Crater Lake

Crater Lake is beautiful just about any time of year. During the summer, the National Park gets more traffic, but you’ll have more access to the entire lake. You can still get in a snowball fight as frozen packed snow will still be on the ground. Take a boat ride out to Wizard Island in the middle of the lake or hike up Mount Scott for an amazing view of Crater Lake and nearby Diamond Lake. Camping is widely available onsite in the beautiful forest areas.

Scenic Byways

Arguably the best way to get from here to there on a summer road trip in Oregon is on one of the state’s many scenic byways. From the Rogue-Umpqua Scenic Byway in the south with picturesque mountains and rivers to the Coastal Scenic Byway with 11 lighthouses and numerous beautiful stops, to the local historic Columbia River Highway, there is plenty to see on a driving adventure.

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