The Tree House Recovery Addiction Blog is a made up of contributors from our Staff and other leaders in the addiction treatment field. Our blog is a resource for men struggling with addiction and the family members and friends who want to help. We write to educate, empower and inspire men with drug and alcohol addictions and show them that a sober-happy life is attainable and sustainable.

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Men And Moral Injury

In Addiction, Recovery by Tree House Recovery

As men who have lived with active addiction to drugs and alcohol, we know of guilt, shame, and remorse. Addiction took some of us to the darkest places of our lives, encouraging us to act in way we never thought … Read More

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Mindfulness As Motivation

In Recovery, Treatment by Tree House Recovery

Is there anything that mindfulness can’t do? New research, information, and insight on the positive benefits of mindfulness are published on a regular basis. The many reasons to practice mindfulness are becoming common knowledge. Mindfulness can: Reduce stress Reduce inflammation … Read More

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Food For Thought

In Article, Health & Wellness by Tree House Recovery

Food is brain fuel. Food is body fuel. Food is what gives our brain and our body the energy it needs to operate: to think, to function, to move, to process, to excrete, and more. The food that we eat … Read More

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Big Mental Health On Campus

In Article, mental health by Tree House Recovery

College typically goes one of two ways when young men attend. First, men get through college successfully with a few bumps in the road. Second, men do not get through college because the bumps in the road become overwhelming trenches … Read More

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How To Sober Halloween

In Article, Sober Living by Tree House Recovery

Any major celebration in America tends to involve a lot of binge drinking, events around binge drinking, and many themes focused on drinking. The temptation to drink and party during Halloween can be tough, especially during the first year of … Read More