The Tree House Recovery Addiction Blog is a made up of contributors from our Staff and other leaders in the addiction treatment field. Our blog is a resource for men struggling with addiction and the family members and friends who want to help. We write to educate, empower and inspire men with drug and alcohol addictions and show them that a sober-happy life is attainable and sustainable.

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Oregon Bike Trails

In Health & Wellness by Tree House Recovery

Welcome to the world of biking! Is there anything better than feeling the summer wind on your face while you zoom through a lush landscape on your bike? The Pacific Northwest is a biker’s paradise, as it’s filled with trails, … Read More

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Staying Sober in the Summer

In Sober Living by Tree House Recovery

Summer can feel like a challenging time to stay sober, especially when a town like Portland opens its brewery doors to the beauty of the outdoors. The reality is, summer is a really exciting time to enjoy your sobriety, as … Read More