One-on-One Therapy

Reconnecting with oneself is just as important as connecting with others, and is one of the most critical components of recovery. In One-on-One Therapy, clients will work closely with the therapist to address the root causes of their addiction, and together will they work to remove the factors that predisposed them to chemical dependency. Employing a variety of therapeutic interventions, the key to this process is the empathetic and safe space created by the therapist that fosters the client’s growing understanding of himself, that enables not just sustained recovery and overall wellbeing, but eventual self-mastery as well.

One-on-One Therapy results in:

• Clear Strategies for Sustained Recovery
• Insights that Promotes Wellness
• Understanding of Predisposition for Dependency
• Personal Mastery

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Billy Grande

Clinical Director

Here at Tree House Recovery, we have learned that there is a very particular “recipe” for an effective, impactful and successful Chemical Dependency Counselor. Some truly essential ingredients include…

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