ABI Therapy

Treating addiction is a complicated process that involves addressing social, psychological, and biological issues that play a part in keeping a men sick. All of these variables are interdependent and can be linked to one very critical area of the brain called the prefrontal cortex. This part of the brain is responsible for mood regulation, interpersonal connections, impulse control, forward thinking, morality, empathy and other critical basic human quality of life functions. Action Based Induction Therapy, or ABIT, was created to repair, rebuild and strengthen the prefrontal cortex using the brain’s ability to adapt to stimulus by building new neural pathways. ABI Therapy uses team exercises requiring the participants to use the prefrontal cortex over and over again. This repetition can be compared to a weight training exercise for the brain.

ABIT results in:

• Leadership & Teamwork Skills
• Improved Decision Making
• Ability to Regulate Emotions
• Stronger Prefrontal Cortex
• Interpersonal Attunement


William Bogynska

Physical Director

William has a passion for helping people and leading people to their full potential. He has worked in the field of chemical dependency for a few years. He actively educates himself about addiction and will…

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