Addiction Education

Overcoming addiction is a daunting aim, but the better clients understand the nature of chemical dependency, the better equipped they are to conquer it. Addiction Education is the one of the few classroom-based component of our curriculum, consisting of a hybrid of lessons and interactive process groups. It is here that clients are introduced to a new set of core principles integral to their treatment. Addiction Education provides an educational overview of the physiological impact of chemical dependency, and equips clients with an understanding of how certain factors of their personal history might have predisposed them to an addictive state. Even more importantly, these sessions help participants begin to build their own arsenal of strategies and skills that will enable them not just to overcome destructive habits, but to take the lead in developing the healthy patterns on a cognitive level and mindfully build new healthy and powerful neural pathways.

Addiction Education results in:

• Identification of Unhealthy Behaviors
• Interpersonal Development
• Awareness of Involuntary Behaviors
• Implementation of Healthy Behavior