ESM Fitness Therapy

A truly effective and lasting recovery relies not just on healing an addicted mind, but healing the body as well. ESM Fitness Therapy is an intense exercise regimen that pushes the boundaries of the body in an effort to achieve new fitness heights. While this is a victory in its own right, the physiological responses also incite profound psychological shifts as well: the vigorous workouts completed with your team foster a sense of exception self and collective motivation. Through these sessions we regularly learn we can achieve more than our limiting self-talk suggests, and through this repetition we develop powerful neural pathways that serve us long after we leave the gym.

ESM results in:

• Better Sleep
• Reduced Anxiety, Depression and Fatigue
• Lessened Stress Sensitivity
• Improved Thinking
• Healthy Mind/Body Connection


Brent Botros

Lead ESM Therapist

Brent lives his life to the fullest, strengthening his mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health every day while helping others to strengthen theirs. Brent seeks people who need help…

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