Writing Therapy

Digging deeply into the often unspoken and unexplored areas of our past and behaviors is necessary for a complete and lasting drug and alcohol addiction recovery. In Writing Therapy clients are asked to go further than where they have gone before and to let it all out on the page. History has revealed to us that men come through our doors with a wide variety of personal traumas and emotionally painful experiences that are further intensified through the isolation of addiction. Through a series of structured, expressive writing assignments, clients uncover that which has been hiding in the dark for years, thereby dismantling its power.

Writing Therapy results in:

• Identification and Resolution of Trauma
• Improved Reasoning Skills
• Improved Decision Making Skills
• Ability to Use Writing as a Tool


Tyler Secundy

Writing Therapist

Writing has helped me get through a lot of past trauma and change my views on the world. Writing helps me clear my thoughts and make make clear and better decisions in life. Also, just journaling throughout my day is very healing. I discovered an “inner hunger” for life and for living it with a purpose…

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