EP Yoga Therapy

Successful recovery requires healing of the mind and body. Everything we do at Tree House is geared toward these aims, and our Yoga Therapy program is uniquely equipped to focus on both simultaneously. Addiction creates a dissociated state whereby the individual is disconnected from others as well as themselves — and their own body. Yoga helps practitioners develop trust in their bodies and their personal strength again: just as they work through stressful poses on the mat, they are equipped to work through stressful situations off of it. We practice a trauma-informed method of yoga, emphasizing mindful presence and embodiment. The more people can present for themselves, they can be more present for others. In doing so, they learn that they can positively affect their lives in ways that not only keep them sober, but allow them to live more fully and more authentically – with themselves, with the people they love, and in community.

EP results in:

• Reduced Anxiety & Depression
• Increased Sense of Well-Being
• Increased Concentration
• Mindful Awareness
• Increased GABA Production


Erik McDaniel

Yoga Therapist

Erik incorporates Yoga Philosophy and mindfulness based practices into his sessions to help his clients find a state of peace, alertness and focused relaxation by deliberately paying attention to thoughts and sensations without judgment…

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