Rage 101: How to Work Through Anger in Constructive Ways

In mental health by Tree House Recovery

When a wave of anger washes over the mind, it can be difficult to react in healthy and constructive ways. Anger can feel like an intense and unpredictable heat rising in your body. Anger itself is not a problem. In fact, it’s a normal and healthy emotion. However, if we react to this emotion is destructive ways, we can start to have unhealthy relationships with ourselves and others. Here are a few ways to work through anger in constructive, healthy, and manageable ways. 

Work out. Anger is energy and we have the power to get that energy out in ways that are going to be beneficial, rather than catastrophic. If you’re feeling a sense of rage and you don’t know what to do with that energy, try going for a jog, hitting the gym, or going to a yoga class. After you work out, revisit the cause of your anger.

Talk it out. Talk to a therapist, trusted friend in recovery, or reflect on the situation during group. Bouncing your ideas off of someone will help you sort out your feelings in healthy and self-reflective ways. 

Get some space from the problem. Before reacting in negative ways, such as yelling or internalizing the rage, try deep breathing for twenty seconds. Simply count to twenty and focus on your breath. This will provide some space from the problem. When you’re finished breathing, you’ll probably find that your mind and body have calmed down and you can approach your anger from a healthy distance. 

Get creative. Anger can be a really energizing emotion. Turn that anger into creative action and write, draw, or dance. You can work through your feelings using the help of your creative and expansive mind.


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