What Makes People Finally Get Help for Addiction?

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There are many reasons people resist seeking help for addiction. One of the biggest reasons is that they don’t believe that they need it. Forms of self-manipulation, including rationalization and justification, convince them that they don’t really drink and/or use that much, that it isn’t really a problem, or that they could stop if they wanted to. While some people do recognize their drinking and/or drug use as a problem, most just aren’t quite ready to quit. Of those wanting, but failing to quit, they may be experiencing practical barriers. Maybe they aren’t aware of their resources, don’t know where or how to get treatment or think they can’t afford it. Many people are afraid of the stigma associated with addiction, and worry it will hurt their careers. Hundreds of reasons exist as to why people don’t seek out the help they need and deserve. When they do, however, what are the final motivating factors that eliminate doubt and push them to accept help with their addiction? 


They Realize Addiction Is Hurting Their Family

Perhaps the most common reason people finally decide to get sober is that they realize their drinking and/or drug use is hurting their family. This particular wake-up call can come in many forms. Perhaps your wife or girlfriend gives you an ultimatum or just leaves because of your substance abuse. Maybe you realize your children are avoiding you or that you’ve missed out on something important in their lives. More extreme cases might result in your family sitting you down for an intervention. Whatever the case, family relationships tend to be important enough to motivate recovery once the individual understands the amount of harm their addiction is causing them.


They Lose a Job Because of Drugs And/Or Alcohol

Work is often the last thing affected by a substance use issue. We need money to live and in our culture, much of our identity and sense of purpose is tied to our work. Many people with substance use issues have the attitude that if they are able to perform at work and meet their other responsibilities, then their drinking and/or drug use can’t be that bad. Losing a job because of substance use is often a serious shock that affects you both emotionally and financially. It’s a clear indicator that your substance use is a problem.


They Run Into Legal Trouble

Another sign that your substance use has become a problem getting into legal trouble related to drinking and/or using. Receiving a DUI, for example, is a direct result of substance use. Typically, those charged or convicted of a DUI have driven under the influence many times prior without getting caught. Ending up with a DUI is one of the better scenarios in these cases. Causing a serious accident that injures or kills someone is far worse. Additionally, many heavy drinkers and/or users end up with arrests due to assault, theft, and a number of other felonies that can greatly impact their future. Facing legal consequences from drinking and/or using is often enough to encourage someone to finally accept help. 


Looking for Help With Your Addiction?

Everyone has their own personal reasons and unique journeys that lead them to finally seek out help for an addiction. Typically, the last straw is when something they care about deeply is threatened, whether it’s family, career, reputation, health, or freedom. Sobriety isn’t just about abstinence; it’s about being able to devote yourself to the things in life that truly matter. At Tree House Recovery of Portland, Oregon, we help men build better lives free from addiction. To learn more about our holistic treatment program, call us today at (503) 850-2474