ESM Fitness Therapy

ESM is an intense and effective form of therapy created at Tree House Recovery Orange County that assists individuals in their recovery from substance abuse. It was developed at THR in order to combat and lessen the severity of the symptoms of PAWS (post acute withdrawal syndrome), which has crippling effects for addicts new to sobriety. While ESM offers significant physiological responses in individuals, it offers positive shifts as well. ESM utilizes research proven methods of exercise coupled with various motivational strategies that go beyond the norm of traditional measures of treatment, combining to offer our clients a tried and true pathway that carries into healthier ways of thinking and living.

ESM results in:

• Better Sleep
• Reduced Anxiety, Depression and Fatigue
• Lessened Stress Sensitivity
• Improved Thinking
• Healthy Mind/Body Connection


Brent Botros

Lead ESM Therapist

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