Addiction Recovery for Military Personnel in Alaska:

If you are active or retired military in Alaska, then you have probably have Tricare to help cover your medical expenses. Luckily if you or one of your dependents are struggling with addiction, Tricare can provide substantial or possibly total coverage for treatment expenses. Although military personnel in Alaska usually get the highest coverage at on-base military hospitals and clinics, sometimes the care you need isn’t available on-base. When this happens you can get a referral for civilian treatment, even if the facility you choose is outside your Tricare network.

Using Tricare To Cover Treatment at Tree House Recovery:

Tree House Recovery has facilities in Oregon and California that have helped hundreds of veterans and active-duty military recover from addiction. Our program combines military-based team-building exercises, daily physical training, and mental interventions to create the best scientifically driven treatment for addiction. The quickest way to figure out the exact cost of your treatment is to call (503) 850-2474 and let us check your benefits.


Military in Alaska

Alaska has one of the highest military populations in all the United States. As of 2021, Alaska has nine Armed Forces bases in seven cities and a total military population of around 22,000. The largest of these bases are Fort Wainwright, Elmendorf AFB, and Fort Richardson, which each average 6,000 military personnel.

Armed Forces Bases in Alaska

Air Force Bases in Alaska:

Eielson Air Force Base in Fairbanks North Star, Alaska.
  • Base Built: 1946
  • Personnel: 3,229 
  • Population of Fair Banks North Star: 96,849
Logo for Eielson Air Force Base in Fairbanks, Alaska
Elmendorf Air Force Base in Anchorage, Alaska:
  • Base Built: 1940
  • Merged with Fort Richardson in 2010
  • Joint-Base Personnel: 31,000
  • Population of Anchorage, Alaska: 295,365
Clear Air Force Station Base in Denali Borough, Alaska:
  • Base Built: 1949
  • Personnel: Classified
  • Responsible for detecting and intercepting intercontinental ballistic missiles (nuclear strikes).
  • Population of Denali Borough, Alaska: 2,246
Logo for Clear Air Force Station in Alaska

Army Bases in Alaska:

Fort Richardson Army Base in Anchorage, Alaska:
  • Base Built: 1940
  • Merged with Fort Richardson in 2010
  • Joint-Base Personnel: 31,000
  • Population of Anchorage, Alaska: 295,365
Fort Wainwright Army Base in Fairbanks, Alaska:
  • Base Built: 1941
  • Personnel: 6500 active military
  • Population of Fairbanks, Alaska: 31,551
Fort Wainwright Army Logo Home of the Arctic Warriors
Fort Greely Army Base in Fairbanks, Alaska:
  • Base Built: 1942
  • Personnel: 539
  • Population of Southeast Fairbanks, Alaska: 6,878

Coast Guard Bases in Alaska:

Kodiak Coast Guard Base in Kodiak Island, Alaska:
  • Base Built: 1947
  • Personnel: 602
  • Population of Kodiak Island, Alaska: 13,451
Logo for the Kodiak Alaska Coast Guard
Marine Safety Unit Valdez Coast Guard Base in Valdez, Alaska:
  • Unit Began: 1989
  • Personnel: 32
  • Population of Valdez, Alaska: 3,847
Juneau Coast Guard Base in Juneau, Alaska:
  • Unit Began: Early 1900’s 
  • Personnel: 250  
  • Population of Juneau, Alaska: 32,227
    Logo for 17th Division Coast Guard in Alaska