Relapse Prevention Worksheet

The key to making an effective relapse prevention plan is recognizing the signs of your relapse and knowing what stage of relapse you’re in. This will help you take the appropriate amount of action. This page will cover how to recover from each of the 3 stages of relapse. 

Stage 1: Emotional Relapse

Most people in recovery will likely have to deal with an emotional relapse at some point. It happens when your recovery self-care routine slips or you come in contact with too many triggers too often. 

Click here to see how to deal with emotional relapse

Stage 2: Mental Relapse

Mental Relapse happens when you live with the effects of emotional relapse for too long without making any changes to your habits. As a result, you begin to have cravings and thoughts of using again. As this stage progresses, you may begin to feel like you are at war with yourself over whether you should use drugs or alcohol again. 

Here’s a handout to help you deal with mental relapse

Stage 3: Physical Relapse

In physical relapse, you are acting with the intent of using substances again. For instance, going to buy alcohol or calling dealers. At this stage, substance use is very likely. But just because you use once, doesn’t mean you have failed or have to start over. 

The one thing you need to know recover from physical relapse.

The Dimensions of Relapse Prevention

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