Writing Therapist

I discovered an “inner hunger” for life and for living it with a purpose. Along the way, through writing, I found a new passion — my powerful desire to help others. I have great pride in my life today and in the work that I do as a Literary Therapist at Tree House Recovery. Writing has helped me get through a lot of past trauma and change my views on the world. Writing helps me clear my thoughts and make clear and better decisions in life. Also, just journaling throughout my day is very healing.

  • Bachelor’s in accounting


  • Addiction Counseling Certification

  • CBT training for SUD from Beck Institute

  • DBT training for SUD from the Portland DBT Institute

  • Trauma Training from Bessel Van Der Kolk

  • Addiction Treatment in Military & Veteran Culture Training

  • REBT Training from Albert Ellis Institute

  • HIPAA Certified

  • First Aid Certified