Breaking Male Stereotypes

In mental health by Tree House Recovery

Stereotypes are socially-ingrained ideas that are grossly oversimplified. Stereotypes are dangerous because they deny our humanity and seek to box us in. Additionally, these stereotypes are often so omnipresent that we internalize them without even realizing it. In this sense, they serve to keep us separate from our true selves. How can we combat the stereotypes working against us? Here, we’ll explore some common and destructive male stereotypes and how to effectively work against them.

“Men are strong, silent, and do the work.” You’ve probably heard this one before. This stereotype is damaging to all genders, as it denies women the ability to do step into the role of a strong and hardworking person, while it promotes the idea that men always have to have it all together. Think about ways in which you’ve internalized this false notion of men. Do you feel like you can’t express emotion or that it makes you weak to do so? Do you feel like you need to take on the role of the strong and silent type? Awareness is the first step towards change.

“Men are mostly motivated by sex.” We hear a lot about the male obsession with sex. This is an assumption that goes hand in hand with ideas that men are bad at committing and often cheat in relationships. It’s time to release this destructive line of thought. Any gender can be motivated by sex, love, food, emotion, anything!

“Men are simple.” Common assumptions about gender roles include that women are emotionally complex and men are simple. Don’t write yourself off as simple. Instead, ask yourself questions about your emotional state and delve deeper into yourself.

As the saying goes, be the change you wish to see in the world. Step outside of some of the stereotypes you’ve internalized and ask yourself what your true identity is, apart from societal programming. This is a lifelong learning process but the first step is awareness.


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