Big Mental Health On Campus

Big Mental Health On Campus

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College typically goes one of two ways when young men attend. First, men get through college successfully with a few bumps in the road. Second, men do not get through college because the bumps in the road become overwhelming trenches in their lives.

Going away to college is often a point of liberation in a young man’s life. If a young man is struggling with mental illness, however, college can quickly become an imprisonment. College students are prone to experiencing higher levels of stress and as a result might experience depression or anxiety. Additionally, the myth of college substance abuse isn’t mythical at all. Young men in college drink, very often to excess, and sometimes to a dangerous level. Combine with mental health struggles, substance abuse becomes a problem for young men- not just for their academic career, but their ability to live life beyond school in a healthy, regulated way.

A considerable amount of young men are struggling with their mental health while in college, according to new research from the National College Health Assessment. Approximately one in four students could be diagnosed with a mental illness, which can include substance use disorder. College students are overwhelmed, feeling isolated in their struggles, and trying to cope with difficult feelings while studying, writing essays, and trying to maintain a passing GPA.

Compared to women who are struggling with their mental health in college, men are more likely to struggle with substance abuse. Problematically, men are less likely than their female peers to use mental health services either on campus or off campus. Whereas women might have a higher rate of eating disorders, men might have a higher rate of suicide, making their negligence toward seeking help a potentially fatal problem, especially when substance abuse is involved.

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