Bring The Outdoors Indoors

Bring The Outdoors Indoors

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Tree House Recovery is located in Portland, Oregon, one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Surrounded by beautiful trees and the simply mystifying nature of the Pacific Northwest, Portland offers men in recovery an endless bounty of nature and adventure. Men are regularly immersed into local nature as part of our treatment program for addiction. We believe in the healing, inspiring, challenging, empowering power of nature. Often, men incorporate nature as part of their new lifestyles in recovery, getting outside as frequently as possible. However, as men who decide to stay in the Portland area know, getting outside isn’t always possible. Nature can become a distant memory when winter weather gets harsh, a particularly nasty flu comes around, or other life circumstances bind us to our homes. As part of creating a sustainable lifestyle, men can help sustain their connection to nature by bringing it into their home life, with a few lessons.

Here are some tips for bringing the outdoors indoors and creating a seamless life of nature from private space to open space.

  • Bring in as much sunlight and fresh air as possible.
  • Keep easy maintenance house plants in your room which help clean the air, provide green visuals, and offer some responsibilities.
  • Hang pictures of your favorite nature. The healing aspects of nature are so strong that just looking at pictures of beautiful nature can calm the mind and the body.
  • Don’t shy away from vases. You don’t need to have bouquets of flowers, but branches, boughs, leaves, sticks, and other forms of natural substances help bring the outside inside. You can try sand, shells, and other elements from the sea as well.
  • Put some glow in the dark stars on the ceiling. Today, there are some projectors and technology which makes your ceiling space-scape more realistic. Still, the comfort of the glowing stars can make you feel like camping.
  • Use nature inspired fabrics. You’ll feel more connected to the earth with 100% cotton and other natural fabrics like linens. Look for companies who use organic materials and nontoxic dying chemicals. You’ll feel better and know that you’re doing better for the planet.
  • Get trendy with some quotes. Muir, Thoreau, Emerson, and more have said beautiful things about nature. Hang some artistic quotes in your room to keep you inspired for your next trip into nature.
  • Remember nature isn’t perfect and neither are you. Having the most instagram-worthy nature inspired room isn’t authentic. Nature is perfect because of its many imperfections. Allow yourself the occasional mess and remember life is about being in the present, not about being perfect.

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