Creating Space in the Mind: Freedom from Boredom

Creating Space in the Mind: Freedom from Boredom

In mental health by Tree House Recovery

Sometimes, boredom can be a threat to sobriety. When we feel bored, it can create a sense of ennui or apathy and especially when we’re new to recovery, these feelings can trigger destructive thoughts. At the same time, mental space is essential for overall wellbeing and relaxation. How we can create space in the mind for new pursuits and activities and stay away from boredom? 

Write it out. If you’re feeling bored, try writing down your thoughts, even if it’s simply “I am bored!” Julia Cameron, author of “The Artist’s Way” recommends writing three pages upon waking up in the morning. This will create space in your mind and set the tone for the day. When you write, you can also get out all of the mental chatter that’s preventing you from creating healthy space for new activities and recovery goals.

Use visualization techniques. Visualization is an excellent way to create space in the mind while also improving mood and offering meditative benefits. You can listen to a guided visualization exercise or simply call to mind an image of something that relaxes you. Maybe it’s your “happy place” or something you’re working towards in recovery. Allow your mind to fill in the image and be as specific as possible. If you’re imagining a tree, what color is the tree? How does it feel when you touch the branches and leaves? How does the presence of the tree make you feel?

Declutter. If you’re feeling bored, it might be time to physically declutter your space. Clean out your junk drawer, get rid of items that are dragging you down, and decide how you want your space to look. A clean and clear space will promote a clear mind and the act of decluttering will keep you busy and focused, away from boredom. How can your environment best serve your mental health and recovery?


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