Financial Goals: Saving Money

In Sober Living by Tree House Recovery

In regards to our finances as men who were living in active addiction, we usually fell somewhere along the gradient between one of two places. First, we had a “high functioning” life in which our finances were relatively in place, if not exceedingly exceptional. We weren’t in debt, we had plenty of security, and our basic needs were easily met. Second, we had a “low functioning” life in which we were consistently broke, definitively poor, possibly homeless, and certainly in debt. Neither one of these broad categories indicates having more than the other. Even with financial security of some kind, addiction was robbing us blind. We were being stolen from at every moment and even if our finances persisted, we would be left with nothing eventually.

Assessing, confronting, and rebuilding a financial life is one of the great tasks for millions of men in recovery. We have past debts to reconcile, present bills to pay, and futures to set ourselves up for. After treatment, if we find ourselves in sober living, we are typically making decisions about a job. Some of us might have jobs or careers to return to while others of us are starting fresh. We might begin with what is called a “soft job” and pick an occupational role which doesn’t require too much of us or cause us too much stress. However our financial journey begins again, it will at some point begin again. Tasked with managing our money, we find ourselves put in a position of needing to save, spend, and invest wisely.

Here are some simple tips for making the most of your money when you start making money:

  1. Cook Meals At Home: One of the biggest allures of making money is the chance to go out to eat, pick up food constantly, and not have to take on the responsibility to budgeting for cooking at home. Though eating out seems convenient, it is actually costly. Plan on cooking at home most days of the week and you’ll save money as well as become healthier.
  2. Make A Savings Goal: We learn in recovery the importance of defining our goals. Just “saving” isn’t really enough. Distinguish what exactly you want to save for in order to build the habit of regularly putting money aside.
  3. Automate Is Great: Automating your bills, debt payments, and savings transfers can be a huge weight off your shoulder. Everything gets paid without delay, leaving the chance for procrastination out of the question
  4. Use An App To Watch Your Spending: Like all things in the modern age, there’s an app for financial management. Your bank most likely has a digital app and you can sync it with a finance app which helps you get a visual for what you spend your money on.
  5. Ask For Help: Money can be a stress factor for men in recovery and can lead to frustrating temptation to want to buy drugs or alcohol. In the early stages, asking for help managing finances makes sense. Our family can help us manage our accounts, list out our financial requirements, save, and have room to spend money on fun as well.


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