Crushing The End Of 2018

Crushing The End Of 2018

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We’re heading into the final quarter of 2018 which means it is time to crush your goals and close out this year feeling like a champion. Too often, when people reevaluate their goals toward the end of the year, they feel discouraged by their progress and how far they have left to go. Cursing the end of 2018 doesn’t mean having to totally rethink all of your goals. Your goals just need a creative tweak to keep you going.

Do A Goals Audit

Take a look at the goals you have set up for the year. Ask yourself a few questions:

        • How much progress have you made?
        • What were the challenges?
        • Which habits did you fall into which lead you to complications?
        • Which habits did you fall into which lead you to success?
        • Where do you feel your habits are getting boring or your goals are no longer motivating?
        • What areas continue to motivate you?
        • Are any of your goals needing to be readjusted?

After taking a long, careful look at your current goals status, make a decision about what needs to change and change things up. Ask yourself what you need to motivate you to crush the end of 2018. If one of your concerns is “getting through the holidays” consider a perspective shift to use that energy as a catalyst rather than an inhibitor.

Use The Holidays

The holiday season can be extremely helpful for achieving goals in the end quarter of 2018. For some “do X by Y” can be too ambiguous when the length of time is too long. From October to January, holidays are only a few weeks apart. You can accomplish quite a lot within just 3-5 weeks. Since you know the holidays may be a distraction, create micro goals instead. Micro goals are smaller goals you can accomplish on the way to your bigger goals. Each accomplishment gives you momentum, builds esteem, and boosts your confidence. Set a series of small goals to reach before the madness of each new holiday. You’ll cruise through the holidays feeling more confident than ever and well on your way to end of year goals.

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