Lessons Learned From Building A Bonfire

Lessons Learned From Building A Bonfire

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Man discovering fire is paramount to the history of mankind. Nearly all of our modern technology can be traced all the way back to man’s ability to make fire. Without fire, we wouldn’t have survived. Fire was one of our very first technological revolutions which propelled our species forward.

Finding recovery through Tree House Recovery in Portland, Oregon, means finding a lifestyle of adventure. In Portland, surrounded by the majestic adventures awaiting you in the Pacific Northwest, there is no shortage of going camping. Every man should know how to make a fire, as part of his birthright to his kind. If you are going to make camping part of your life, building a fire needs to be part of your life to keep you warm, illuminate your nights, set the ambiance, and cook your food. More importantly, there are many metaphors for the fire of recovery hiding in building a fire.

Build Your Fire In The Right Place

After the initial symptoms of detox wear off and PAWS, post acute withdrawal syndrome, is falling behind us, we find ourselves becoming consumed with energy, passion, and a zest for life. Bubbling over with eagerness for living, we can be challenged in putting all our fire in the right place. The first rule for building a fire is building it in a containable place. Don’t build where it can catch fire and cause destruction, or where it isn’t supposed to be. Campsites have designated fire zones. Your life does not. However, with time you will learn to discern the right places for your passion to be placed. Ultimately you’ll find, your passion is best put somewhere in your life which benefits others, rather than in other’s lives where your passion only may or may not benefit you.

Tinder Is As Important As Foundation

Set a match to a big, thick log and you’ll have difficulty getting it to burn. Build a few logs at the right angles, in a circle like a teepee, full of tinder underneath, and you’ll have a fire. We can focus on the big moments of life in an effort to avoid “sweating the small stuff”. However, the small stuff can be extremely important, contributing to the growth and use of all the ‘big stuff’. The little things which help you ignite get you there for a reason.

Follow The Wind

If you’ve ever tried to keep a candle lit in the wind, you’ve encountered one of life’s classic critical thinking moments. Once you figure out how to protect the flame, you do one of two things: protect the flame from the wind or change the direction of the flame. Wind is unpredictable. Life is full of unpredictable moments. Trying to light a fire in the face of wind is illogical; as you will find that trying to accomplish certain things in the face of life’s chaos is as well. Work with the energy of life instead of against it. You’ll keep your fire burning, sustain the passion you build, and enjoy the fruits of your labor for longer.

Men are finding freedom from addiction by building a lifestyle of sobriety founded on sustainable recovery created by sustainable change. Inspired by the adventure of living in the Pacific Northwest and the proven efficacy of innovative treatment, our men’s programs are transforming lives inside and out. For information, call us today: (503) 850-2474