Stability Isn't Boring

Mentors, Heroes, Role Models

In Addiction, Recovery by Tree House Recovery

Men in recovery need inspiration in the form of the lives of other men. What men seek in recovery has to seem tangible. In order to want recovery, there has to be something wanted. Men learn that their recovery needs to have a purpose, fueled by passion, which stems beyond the simple cause of getting and staying sober. Though getting and staying sober are noble principles and necessary forms of inspiration, the life which lies ahead in recovery has to be envisioned. For men to create the vision of their lives in recovery, that is, for men to know that life will get better, success is possible, that happiness and health can be achieved- men need to look to other men. The bonds forged by brotherhood, trust, and friendship among men are strong and enduring. Throughout his recovery, a man consistently needs three kinds of men and relationship in his life: a mentor, a hero, and a role model.

Mentors can be defined as an adviser, someone who is experienced and trusted. Men seek mentors in many areas of their lives, most often in career and business. Mentors for men in recovery take on a unique role, as they often fulfill both the titles of hero and role model as well. What men look for in a mentor is a man who has overcome his addiction, put his life on track, set goals, and achieved them. Mentors have lived successfully in recovery for many years, built a life for themselves, and learned how to thrive in their sobriety. Having time, experience, and expertise, a mentor can carefully guide men in recovery as they learn to navigate decision making.

Heroes in recovery are not always individuals who men can be in contact with or have relationship with. For example, there are many notable men of celebrity status who are sober and continue to do outstanding things with their careers as a result. However, there are many men in recovery who are heroes and act heroically within their sobriety on a daily basis, making them role models as well. Men learn that the real heroes are the role models, the ones who live sobriety to its fullest and do something for their recovery every single day. Every man in recovery is a role model to the next as he fights for freedom from addiction.

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