Recovery Warriors

Recovery Warriors

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We’re all teachers, and with a little practice, we can all be pretty good ones. One of the most rewarding challenges we have as men in recovery is to spread the good news about recovery to the men and women that need to hear it most. It certainly isn’t always easy trying to talk to others about recovery, but getting just one person that’s wrestling with substance abuse to take that step towards getting help can make our efforts more than worth it.

The most foolproof way to share the good news of recovery with others can also often be the simplest– sharing our own stories and opening up about the lessons we’ve learned on our own recovery journey. It doesn’t take a script or any grand introduction, and, most of the time, sharing the experiences we’ve had in recovery can invite a person to open up more in turn. When we share our stories, we’re not just showing the men and women that need to see it that recovery is life changing. We’re inviting them to join a family unlike anything they’ve been a part of before.

How do I start?

Sharing the lessons we’ve learned in recovery can be as simple as reading. Many of us started offering help and advice by posting helpful content and comments in anonymous addiction-related news stories and blogs. Later, when we felt more comfortable, we migrated over to social media. There are hundreds of accounts that deal with addiction, treatment, and questions from those that need advice. Some of us chose to stay anonymous, and others built up the confidence to post from their own accounts. You might decide to do a bit of both. The choice is totally yours. Once you feel more comfortable sharing with others in the community, consider posting on your own social media accounts, speaking up in a recovery group, or even sharing your story as a speaker at a local support group. Even though it might be a bit unnerving in the beginning, you’ll find your feet quickly, and be glad you took the steps to help change someone’s life.

Tree House Recovery of Portland, Oregon is a premier men’s addiction treatment center that provides our men with the tools they need to not only get sober, but to become the best versions of themselves they can be. Recovery is a lifelong process, and sharing it with others can be as gratifying as it is exciting. We help our men learn to see that for themselves. Call (503) 850-2474 to get started with Tree House today.