Springtime In Oregon: Wildflowers and Springtime Adventures In The Pacific Northwest

Springtime In Oregon: Wildflowers and Springtime Adventures In The Pacific Northwest

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The Pacific Northwest is never short of seasonal splendours. When it comes to springtime and the blooming of wildflowers, our beautiful local scenery does not disappoint. As it is with all seasons, being a Portland local means there are adventures near and far which will delight the senses. As close as the International Rose Test Garden to far off road trip worthy adventures, springtime puts all of Oregon in bloom. Here are some of our favorite springtime activities:


Beaverton might not be your immediate idea of a nature excursion, unless you’re thinking about hitting up the Columbia Sportswear warehouse- if you’re lucky enough to have access. However, Beaverton does boast some beautiful nature, especially during the springtime. Just 10 miles outside of Portland is Cooper Mountain Nature Park with miles of trails and hundreds of acres full of wildflowers.

The Gorge

Columbia River Gorge will never not be beautiful and for the people lucky enough to live in Portland, the Gorge’s beauty is just a short drive away. There are numerous hikes in the Gorge area which provide ample wildflower viewing in addition to all the splendor of the Gorge’s nature. Try Dog Mountain for a more athletic challenge. For a flat walking trail, try Trillium lake.

Tom McCall Preserve is one of the most famous Gorge spots for wildflower viewings. More than 200 species of flowers bloom in this nature preserve, lasting until the mid summer. Catch a variety of colors, shapes, and textures with a beautiful hike to McCall Point.

Dalles Mountain Ranch is a new area for hiking in the Gorge but gaining popularity for its beautiful views. A nearly 7 mile loop can take you through Columbia Hills Historical State Park and Crawford ranch. Just do an internet search for Dalles Mountain Ranch wildflowers and you’ll understand the draw. Dense fields full of vibrant flowers are a scene unlike any other.

Mt. Hood

Of course few local spots right outside the city of Portland beat Mt. Hood. Mt. Hood is beautiful every single day of the year with its towering peak and hidden beauty. During the springtime, Mt. Hood turns into a picturesque wonderland begging you to throw your arms open and start singing “The Hills Are Alive”.

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