Tax Season is Coming: Here’s How to Stay Cool

Tax Season is Coming: Here’s How to Stay Cool

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It’s that time of the year again. Tax season is almost upon us, and with it can come a number of emotions and stressors. Fortunately, this year, we can be ready for it. Staying cool during tax season is as simple as learning to assess and manage our emotions, and taking the right steps to nip potential stressors in the bud before they start.

We can relieve one of the biggest stressors of the season by doing one thing: starting early. The panic that comes with the time crunch that usually crops up around April can be almost entirely avoided by taking care of the little things now. Gathering employment forms and tax information, requesting the proper documents from businesses, and either searching for a tax preparer or purchasing the software to do taxes ourselves in the days leading up to the filing season can ensure we’re always a few steps ahead, and never behind. This can give us peace of mind and help us stay cool when everyone else is scrambling to get what they need in order.

Another way to stay cool this tax season is to practice mindfulness. Through modalities like embodied presence yoga therapy, we learn just how powerful focusing on the present can be, and we can apply the same strategies we learn in these modalities to just about any situation we face– tax season included. Tax season doesn’t have to be stressful if we don’t allow ourselves to be stressed by it. As with anything, there are aspects of the season that we’re able to control, and aspects that we’re not able to. Knowing what’s out of our control, accepting it, and choosing to live in the present instead of being overwhelmed can help mitigate stress levels.

Finally, we can stay cool during tax season by accepting that even though stress might come with the season and be out of our control, what always is in our control is how we choose to deal with it. Knowing that we have the power to control how we respond no matter the situation can keep us cool and collected through just about anything.

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