The Dangers of Feeling Invincible 

The Dangers of Feeling Invincible 

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When we enter recovery, life can feel as if it’s been turned on its head. Everything is upside-down and we’re scrambling to figure out what to do and how to respond. Our brains are in the process of changing and this is an intense process — one that we must be present for, taking an active role in our recovery every day. In the beginning, we’re almost forced being present and active in recovery, as detoxification and the first months of recovery are such difficult, new, and life-changing processes. However, once we settle into our recovery, we realize that life without substances is actually pretty spectacular. We become invigorated, hopeful, and happy in ways that we never imagined were possible, and rightfully so. This kind of invigoration can sometimes lead to feelings of invincibility. Invincibility refers to an overall sensation that we’re too powerful to be defeated by anything — that we are indestructible, unshakeable, and not vulnerable. While it’s wonderful to feel positive and happy in recovery, it’s equally important to stay humble and realize that we are not all-powerful. 

Avoiding Complacency

When we feel indestructible and omnipotent, we’re actually more vulnerable to complacency. We learn early in recovery that complacency can quickly lead to relapse. It’s important to stay present, humble, and remember the first step when we admitted that we were powerless over drugs and alcohol

One Day at a Time

Whether it’s a good day, a bad day, or a mediocre day, recovery is always taken one day at a time. It’s a bit like a mountain road, filled with highs, lows, wonderful views, and scary inclines. It’s endlessly rewarding, especially if we stay humble, aware, and present for the drive. Just as we’re humbled and in awe of a giant mountain, let’s also stand in awe of the recovery process and the power of both surrendering to something greater, as well as taking an active role in recovery, one day at a time.


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