Why Marijuana Addiction Is Downplayed

Why Marijuana Addiction Is Downplayed

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In a previous blog, we discussed marijuana addiction and whether or not legalization could cause addiction numbers to rise. Briefly, we looked at why marijuana addiction is downplayed as part of the ongoing dichotomy of marijuana either being harmful or harmless. Here, we will dive into the reasons behind the minimization of marijuana addiction further and how problematic it can be as an inhibitor to recovery.

Marijuana addiction is often downplayed because of the lack of physical consequences which come with consuming too much marijuana. “Hard drugs” like heroin and crystal meth, for example, deteriorate the body, cause weight loss, dental problems, and more. Marijuana addiction can be largely undetectable because there are no distinct physical changes which take place. Another reason marijuana addiction is downplayed is that there is no such thing as a marijuana overdose. With today’s street drugs being laced with synthetic opioids like fentanyl, just one shot of heroin can be the end of someone’s life. Marijuana, on the other hand, is impossible to overdose on, as of now. Someone would have to consume tens of thousands of times their normal amount of marijuana to come even close to the physical side effects which would resemble an overdose.

Addiction is still a threat to the quality of life someone is living, even if it cannot cause an overdose. Though marijuana is scientifically proven to be nearly impossible to overdose on, it can still cause withdrawals, physical illness, psychological dependency, and much more. Regular, even abusive, users of marijuana have reported sweating, shaking, anxiousness, cravings, interrupted sleep patterns, change in appetite, inability to focus, hallucinations, and more during withdrawal from marijuana. Withdrawal from marijuana is generally not discussed because marijuana addiction is not seen as a “real” addiction.

Marijuana addiction can put a severe strain on someone’s relationships, job, life responsibilities and much more. The problem with mocking marijuana addiction as being less than harmful is that it continue to normalizes the substance abuse culture which is impeded in much of the ideology surrounding marijuana consumption. Marijuana addiction is a real problem with real consequences and men who are struggling with marijuana addiction need real help.

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