Billy Grande

Clinical Director

Here at Tree House Recovery, we have learned that there is a very particular “recipe” for an effective, impactful and successful Chemical Dependency Counselor. Some truly essential ingredients include…a balanced blend of humanity and intelligence for translating scientific data in language that resonates for clients still under the spell of PAWS… a charismatic humility for grabbing and holding the interest of an audience with very limited recent exposure to the “classroom dynamic”… a solidly flexible spine that allows for the seamless transition from teacher to task master to caring mentor in the blink of a client’s eye. In reality, it is indeed a special human who can honestly claim these attributes to be naturally his own. In Billy Grande, we have been introduced to that “rare blend.”

  • CACD II Candidate
  • AAS Degree in Substance Abuse
  • Certification in Counseling
  • HIPPA Certified
  • RADT1 Registered
  • First Aid Certified

“Bit by bit my therapist Billy Grande showed me who I really am in our one on one sessions. In addiction ed I was taught all about the disease witch allowed me to stop putting so much blame on my self i was drowning in guilt, but once I understood what had really been going on with my brain, body, and my actions things started getting clear. I started to put my life back together piece by piece almost like a puzzle being able to see the good in the people around me…”

Wally M, Graduate

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