Josh Casey, addiction counselor in Portland, smiles


ABI Therapist

Josh Casey has a lot of different experiences that make him a great ABI Therapist at Tree House Recovery in Portland. He combines his skills in helping people recover, teaching yoga, and knowing about healthy eating to create a well-rounded way of treating addiction. Josh believes that being active and having a supportive group of friends are key parts of living a balanced life while recovering. He follows the bio-psycho-social model, which means he thinks it’s important to connect with others and take good care of yourself.

Josh has also worked through his own challenges with recovery. Now, he is dedicated to building a supportive environment at Tree House by organizing running groups and fun activities for those who have finished the program. Josh’s personal and work experiences come together in his view that recovery involves many aspects, including exercising and getting involved with the community.

  • NAADAC Certified
  • HIPPA Certified
  • First Aid and CPR Certified
  • ISSA Certified

Truly Holistic Lifestyle

Addiction counselor in Portland, Josh Casey, Finishing a race
Addiction therapist in portland oregon named Josh hiking with his and partner
Addiction counselor in Portland, Josh Casey, running in race.

Tree House ignited my recovery journey. Here, I found the support to confront my addiction, build enduring strength, to believe in myself and choose a better life, one mile at a time.”