Alcohol's Deadly Reach

Alcohol’s Deadly Reach

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We can come up with many contests to the idea of alcoholism when we are in denial:
  • Doesn’t everyone drink?
  • Everyone gets drunk now and then.
  • I’m certainly not the only one who has blacked out
  • Getting drunk is a global thing

Arguing against the problematic use of alcohol is easy when alcohol is indeed a part of global culture. Since biblical times and beyond alcohol has been used for ceremony, celebration, ritual, tradition, recreation, mourning, and more. Out of the billions of people on planet Earth, it is 100% accurate that some other person must get black out drunk, perhaps even somewhat frequently.  Of all the people on Earth, there is likely someone getting drunk at nearly every single moment of every single day.

There are also people dying from alcohol abuse and alcoholism, worldwide.

WHO, the World Health Organization, recently released a report which revealed a startling statistic about death and alcohol abuse. One out of every 20 lives lost in a year is due to alcohol in some way, globally. Three million people lose their lives every year due to the harmful use of alcohol, reports Forbes. Injury, digestive disease, and cardiovascular disease are all alcohol related causes of death found to be globally pervasive.

Men And Alcohol Abuse

According to WHO’s report, over 75% of those who lose their lives due to harmful alcohol use, are men.

        • 237 million men worldwide live with the consequences of alcohol abuse, like disease or disorder. In comparison, only 46 million women suffer due to alcohol abuse.
        • Men (11.5%) more than double the amount of women (5.1%) who are living with the consequences of alcohol abuse in the Americas.

Seventy-five percent of the one in 20 lives lost to alcohol each year are men. Of three million people every year, that is 750,000 men dying of alcohol abuse. More men suffer illness, injury, and disease than women do. Men’s relationship with alcohol is one of fatality. The reason being that men are often too prideful, or too ashamed, to reach out and ask for help.

If you are a man struggling with alcoholism, you’re most certainly not alone, as the numbers show. You don’t have to fight this fight alone, either. Men all over the world are bravely choosing to put down the drink and pick up the tools needed to live a life of sobriety.

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