Food For Thought

Food For Thought

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Food is brain fuel. Food is body fuel. Food is what gives our brain and our body the energy it needs to operate: to think, to function, to move, to process, to excrete, and more. The food that we eat as men in recovery matters because our body and our brain are in more need for nutritious, healthy foods than ever before. Addiction and alcoholism rob our body of good health, no matter our diet or gym regimen while using. If we don’t maintain decent diet and exercise in our active addiction, we can become bloated, overweight, and lethargic; likewise, we can become too thin, frail, muscularly weak, and malnourished. Our brains come to believe that drugs and alcohol are the only life source we need. In a desperate attempt at survival, the body follows suit, doing its best to thrive off of minimal food, minimal water, drugs, and alcohol. Even with a regular diet, we may not make the best decisions in what we eat. Even with a healthy lifestyle, we’re constantly pumping and pouring toxic, harmful chemicals into our body and brain, which then have to put extra effort in attempting to regulate. No matter our physical or mental state, no matter the state of our lives, when we are living in active addiction the spectacularly capable machines that are our body, as well as our minds, aren’t running optimally. Through recovery we learn to respect our body and our brain as a mechanical entity- one that needs regular maintenance, proper fuel, and a little more care.

When our body feels good our brain feels better and when our brain feels good our body tends to feel better as well. The food we eat dictates both- how our brain will feel and how our body will feel. A well-rounded diet which includes balanced portions of complex carbohydrates, antioxidants, Omega-3 fatty acids, B Vitamins, healthy protein,  and healthy fat, is the premium fuel we need to operate at our fullest potential.

After living in active addiction we owe ourselves just that: living optimally by living to our fullest potential. At Tree House Recovery in Portland, Oregon, men are pushed to develop their best selves, inside and out.

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