Are You Healing Or Fixing?

Are You Healing Or Fixing?

In Addiction, Recovery by Tree House Recovery

Men in treatment are given two fantastic skills, which act more as gifts throughout the course of their lives: mindfulness and meditation. These ancient practices have modern benefit in reducing stress in mind, body, and cellular construction. Men learn that mindfulness and meditation contribute to repairing their body and recovering their lives in many ways. The many benefits of mindfulness and meditation feel good and make life manageable in a way that men may never have experienced before. Relief and relaxation seem to make almost any problem less problematic. Though this relief is welcome for men in recovery, it can become problematic in and of itself.

There is a definite difference between fixing and healing when it comes to recovery and the practices of mindfulness and meditation. Fixing can be defined as  “the action of mending or repairing something”. Healing can be defined as “the process of making or becoming sound or healthy again”.

Arguably, we are “fixing” things in recovery because many areas of our lives need to be mended or repaired. However, the definition of fixing might suggest that we are broken, which we are not. Likewise, the definition of fixing might also suggest that simply remedying a man’s life in mind and body as is will be sufficient enough for his recovery. Most men find that the way they have been living is not sustainable. Through treatment, men find a sustainable way to live in recovery because men find a way to heal.

Healing is different from fixing because healing is on ongoing change rather than a simple reparation. Healing is a continuous journey as opposed to a temporary one because healing is a process instead of a single action. Healing is a momentum forward whereas fixing is an anchor to the past.

In order for men to find sustainable recovery, they have to find sustainable change through healing their lives. Men who have lived with active addiction are not broken men who need to be fixed. Men who are seeking recovery are men who need to heal, grow, and evolve by seeking  lifetime journey of evolution.

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