Berry Good For You: Recipes For Oregon's Summer Berries

Berry Good For You: Recipes For Oregon’s Summer Berries

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Oregon bursts into life during the summer months. After a rain and snow all winter and spring long, the earth is ripe with life for Oregonians to savor. In particular, the summer brings berries, a favorite for recipes of all kinds throughout the state. From farmer’s markets to grocery stores, Tillamook Ice Cream to home made smoothies, there are endless ways to put Oregon berries to use all summer long. Use them fresh or store them for later- you’ll want to make these berries last as long as possible.

Seasonal Berries

Blackberries seemingly take over Oregon during the summer, for right reasoning. Though blackberries grow wild in many areas, the delicious staining fruit is actually an invasive species here. Oregonians are hardly complaining- few summers go without stopping on the side of the road to pick some fresh berries off an overgrown thistle.

Oregon also boasts its own kind of strawberry, the Hood Berry, named after Mount Hood. A smaller strawberry, you can tell the Hood Berry apart by its red center and sweet taste. Whereas regular strawberries have a white core, the Hood Berry is juicy red all the way through. Later in the summer, look for raspberries, blueberries, and the special Marion berries.

Health Benefits Of Berries

Berries are full of health benefits which makes indulging in them all summer long even sweeter. Antioxidants are an important part of a nutritious and well-balanced diet, especially for the recovering man.

  • Strawberries are high on the list of antioxidant rich foods, also containing anthonyanins which can help men regulate their nervous system.
  • Blueberries are another source of antioxidants and a good treat for the immune system. Rich in Vitamin C and Vitamin K, as well as manganese.
  • Raspberries also offer Vitamin C as well as selenium, a helpful nutrient to men in recovery for restoring the health of their cellular body. For men who have lived with active alcoholism, raspberries can help boost the health of the liver and prevent further liver damage.
  • Blackberries are yet one more source of manganese, Vitamin C and Vitamin K, and antioxidants, but also have phytochemical which can prevent liver damage.
  • Marionberries provide different benefits than other summer berries, like ellagic acid, gallic acid, and rutin- all of which help fight cancer.

Recipes For Berries

Berries can be used in sauces, snacks, smoothies, and bowls. Here are some of our favorite summer berry recipes.

      • Coconut Strawberry Popsicles: This frozen treat is extra hydrating, easy, and delicious. You can use coconut water from a can or bottle for this recipe. To take it the extra mile, blend the water and meat from a real coconut. Fill a popsicle mold with your liquid and drop in slices of strawberries. Let the popsicle freeze, then enjoy the creamy, sweet concoction while gaining all of strawberries’ benefits in addition to the omega-3 fatty acids in coconut.
      • Berry Smoothie: Berries are perfect for smoothies. The healthful berries pair well with nut milks, nut butters, protein powders, and more. Make drinks or bowls by adding granola, banana toppings, and others.
      • Reductions, compotes, and sauces: Berries might seem to be standalone treats, but they pair phenomenally well with proteins. You can turn blackberries into a delicious sauce for pork, strawberries pair well with chicken, and the acidity of raspberry can add an entire other level of flavor to a steak.

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