Build Your Physical Foundation 

Build Your Physical Foundation 

In Recovery by Tree House Recovery

Before an old-timer from “the rooms” talks about how recovery used to entail sitting around in smoky church basements with endless Styrofoam cups of coffee, or how the only exercise they got was “running from the bust to make my meeting!”

We jest, of course. Still, building yourself up inside as well as outside is a critical part of recovery. If you’re thinking, “I wanna get clean, not get buff” don’t worry about that. What we’re talking about is taking advantage of the services available to you at any step of your journey toward sobriety. 

Even here at Tree House in Portland, we utilize ESM Fitness Therapy:

“A truly effective and lasting recovery relies not just on healing an addicted mind, but on healing the body as well. ESM Fitness Therapy is an intense exercise regimen that pushes the boundaries of the body in an effort to achieve new fitness heights. ESM — the Latin abbreviation for Exercitium Semita Medela, or Exercise as a Pathway to Healing — combines aspects of circuit training and weight training to create a boundary-pushing workout that leaves you feeling strong, healthy and confident1.”

Then what about you after you leave the facility? If you haven’t heard of it by now, The Phoenix is a nonprofit sober recovery community that offers free and low-cost gym classes and services for those in recovery in a growing number of cities across the country. You can take advantage of yoga, free weights, CrossFit—you name it, they have it. Plus, you’ll be surrounded by a community of supportive, sober people who know where you’ve been. 

Then again, sometimes life demands a lot from you, and the prospect of keeping regular meetings, therapy appointments, legal obligations AND deal with your fitness might not accommodate your schedule. Here’s perhaps the best news of all. There are plenty of bodyweight-only exercises available online through apps like GMB, or through the famous “prison workout,” which demands only two items: two chairs, or one chair and a bed. From there, you can hone your functional strength by doing dips, decline pushups, planks, and stretches designed to keep you fit inside small spaces. 

Whatever you choose, take it slow, make it fun, and try new things to shake it up. If you can shake up your life with rehab, you can do it with exercise, too.


Find true strength in sobriety. At Tree House Recovery of Portland, Oregon we use cutting-edge techniques and individualized programs to help men and their families achieve freedom from addiction and triggering behaviors. Taking a sustainable approach to the inner and outer effects of addiction ensures you or your loved one will emerge with the confidence and skills to manage your addiction independently. No one is beyond help; our Admissions Counselors are available 24/7 at (503) 850-2474