Can You Wear Multiple Brands Of Your Life?

Can You Wear Multiple Brands Of Your Life?

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Brand loyalty is one of the major marketing tactics big name brands rely on. Take for example, camping gear. Numerous quality camping gear companies exist who provide great products, market a desirable outdoor lifestyle, and offer everything you would look for in a brand. Of course, some brands excel in ways that other brands do not. One brand may be more renown for their sleeping bags than for their tents, whereas another brand may be better known for their down jackets than their hiking shoes. In the world of outdoor gear specifically, the product itself has incredible value. Outdoor adventurers want products that are going to withstand extreme conditions, provide the safety and security needed for a successful trip, and last a longtime without having to make another hefty investment into more gear.

The storytelling behind the scenes is what captivates customers and creates brand loyalty. Wearing a brand name is more than being a person who purchased something by that brand name. What it means is that there is something to being that man, that man who wears that product, has those adventure, and lives that lifestyle. People see a man in that brand’s products and think wow, he’s that guy. Which is why representing multiple brands can become somewhat controversial as far as messaging is concerned. Men often prefer to be brand loyal so that they are representing themselves a certain way. Taking on too many “brands” quite literally means taking on too much “branding”. Being seen as just one way is easier than being seen as “complex”, “multilayered”, or even “complicated”.

Men don’t have to fit into any one particular stereotype or “kind of guy” in their lifetimes. Thousands of years of storytelling and branding have created different representations of who men are supposed to be; or, more succinct for marketing, who man should want to be. An underlying theme of each of these stories is that men certainly should not be complex, multilayered or complicated, especially in the way they represent themselves. Inherently, this is complicated in and of itself. Men are extremely complex, multifaceted, and incredible individuals. A man may equally be a poet, a romantic, and a hardcore drill instructor in the Marine Corps. He might have a deep love for the study of plants and also be dedicated to the pursuit of physical fitness. Recovery gives men the opportunity to discover all the different “brands” of who they are and break free of the “branding” which has inhibited the brilliant complexity of who they are. By seeking recovery, men seek to take charge of the story they are telling of their own lives. They become that guy and that guy living that lifestyle having those adventures is great.

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