Everywhere You Go, You’re Still In Recovery

Everywhere You Go, You’re Still In Recovery

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“Wherever you go, there you are.”

It’s a popular term used as a life philosophy. We cannot escape ourselves. Men who have lived with addiction and alcoholism in their lives understand this more intimately than other people. No matter the amount of drugs, alcohol, and harmful behaviors in their lives, they could not escape who they were. Negative feelings didn’t disappear, they only temporarily faded away. Trauma didn’t get erased, but was for a moment forgotten or reduced in reality. Not a single state of inebriation lasted long term in a way that made the most undesirable parts of themselves gone forever. Upon getting sober, men are put face to face with themselves, a challenge they have to undertake. Through the treatment process, they are able to learn how to become themselves, become who they want to be, and be comfortable with, as well as confident in, who that man is.

After treatment, the world is a man’s oyster. Treatment programs like the one offered at Treehouse Recovery teach men how to experience the world in different ways through their sobriety. Connecting to nature, connecting to the environment, connecting to the world around them, men who complete treatment are able to broaden their scope of reality. The reality of addiction is remarkably limited. Life becomes astonishingly small when the brain and the body are chemically dependent upon drugs and alcohol. Some men never venture beyond their homes for many days, weeks, months, or years. They stay isolated in a solitary location, trapped by their addiction.

Sustainable sobriety is freedom from addiction. The key is keeping sobriety sustainable. Every day activities like fitness, exercise, diet, nutrition, mindfulness, focusing on the breath, and yoga keep sobriety sustainable. With the endurance to take on the world, men who stay sober are able to experience the world in a way they were never able to under the influence. What they quickly learn, however, is that everywhere they go, they are still in recovery. Recovery and addiction are not something that stay where a man gets sober. As he ventures out into the world, his addiction come with him, making it critical to sustain his recovery and bring that, too, everywhere he goes.


Tree House Recovery is teaching men how to find freedom from addiction by creating sustainable change in their lives. A long term residential program, we offer men complete recovery of body and mind. Call us today for information: (503) 850-2474

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