Falling For Portland

Falling For Portland

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Fall is coming upon Portland and the city is aching for fall foliage, autumnal festivals, fall harvests, and cooler weather. Getting sober in Portland has its perks- there’s an unending variety of places to go, things to see, and life to experience.

Hood River County Fruit Loop

Living in Portland, you don’t have to go far to find a fruit loop or two walking on the streets. You can take a short drive to the Fruit Loop which curves throughout Hood River County to sample the best of Oregon’s apple and pear harvest. Be warned, hard cider exists for both fruits and may be offered to you without question. Make sure to double check with any server that you’re receiving regular cider and not fermented cider. In addition to drinking some delicious fresh cider, you can pick apples and pears yourself, find a pumpkin patch, and other surprises. Of course, the scenery can’t be beat with Mt. Hood looming in the distance and the bounty of Hood River county blooming before your eyes.

Take The Scenic Route

It has been said that one of the best ways to experience Oregon is by getting lost on a scenic byway. There are beautiful byways all over the state you can drive. When the summer heat is wearing off and you have that blissful season of weather before the cold of winter, try taking a bike to the byways instead. You can plan a cycling trip on the Willamette Valley Scenic Byway which takes you through the agricultural beauty of Oregon’s wine country. Don’t worry, there are many restaurants and shops along the way to stop for a bite to eat. Find yourself in the town of McMinnville or Carlton and you’ll be hard pressed not to want to stop for a delicious locally sourced meal.

Stay Wet

One of the greatest parts of the Oregon summer is taking advantage of lakes, rivers, and swimming holes to stay cool. Spending time in water is proven to reduce stress, enhance relaxation, and provide overall wellness to mind and body. Don’t let the changing weather deter you from seeking the outdoors or opportunities to soak. Fall brings a whole new variety of water based activities: hot springs. Just outside of Portland in Mt. Hood National Forest is Breitenbush Hot Springs. Though you can plan a road trip to a number of hot springs throughout the state, you don’t have to go further than the city streets. The yards at Burnside Bridge on the east end hides Knot Springs for an indoor soak.

Go Hiking

Of course, hiking needs no seasonal invitation in Oregon, but the beginning of fall means the beginning of fall foliage throughout the state. Even if the leaves aren’t changing color, the cooler weather will be welcoming to one of Oregonian’s favorite activities.

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