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He Who Sweats Runs The World

In Health & Wellness, Sober Living by Tree House Recovery

Here is a fascinating piece of evolutionary history. Hominins, or early humans, didn’t start hunting with weapons until just 200,000 years ago, though they made their appearance over two million years ago. Somewhere in between those two distant time marks, hominins were hunting and eating meat, contributing to brain growth and development. How did humans come to eat meat, conquer animals, and dominate the earth? The answer, Big Think suggests, is sweat.

Before humans hunted animals down with tools, they chased them. Once upon a time, according to this theory, early humans could potentially outrun a gazelle. Not all animals sweat, or sweat as efficiently as humans do. In order to preserve their life, animals would have to slow down. Humans caught up, made their kill, and ate their food. The ability to cool down, master one’s own biological reactions, along with other evolutionary bonuses like walking upright, helped humans dominate their world. If it were not for sweat, humans might not have made it to the top of the food chain.

Sweat is a benefit for men who are in treatment for addiction as well. Breaking a hard sweat in recovery is therapeutic and returns men to the roots of their evolutionary biology. Just like their ancestors, when men put in the work to sweat, they dominate their world. Men learn to overcome numerous challenges by facing the physical challenges required to break a hard sweat. As a result, men take power in their own lives.

At Tree House Recovery in Portland, Oregon, men’s physical fitness is a core focus of our treatment programs. Each day, men participate in physical training, strengthening, and conditioning. Our ESM fitness therapy pushes men to their limits and beyond for physical potential. Men train for obstacle courses like Tough Mudders, setting goals and overcoming challenges to achieve them. ABI therapy, or Action Based Induction therapy, helps men use team exercises for skill building. In addition, men regularly participate in our EP yoga therapy to help build the connection between body and mind.

Through the challenges of physical transformation and the support of evidence based therapeutic techniques, men find freedom from addiction. Creating sustainable changes in their lives helps men build the foundation for a sustainable recovery. Call Tree House Recovery today for more information: (503) 850-2474