New Ideas For Indoor Fitness

New Ideas For Indoor Fitness

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Though spring has sprung in many parts of Oregon, we aren’t out of the rain quite yet. The glorious Oregon summer is right around the corner, which means there are a few months left of needing to largely stay indoors. If your usual indoor gym workouts are starting to bore you, Portland has many options to offer you. Spice up your fitness life and get ready for summer.


Cycling is all the rage for indoor fitness, and for good reason. One session of a spinning or cycling class will torch anywhere between 400 to 1,000 plus calories. A great cardio workout, indoor cycling helps propel your endurance as well as your stamina. Quickly you will be amazed at how much oxygen you have to work with, how much energy you have, and how much endurance you have gained. Many studios include live DJs or music themed sessions, ranging from country to hip hop to alternative rock favorites. Get your sweat on while having a great time.

Indoor Pool

Heading to one of Oregon’s many swimmable lakes, rivers, or natural pools is a beloved past time for any Oregonian adventurer. Though taking an “arctic plunge” can be a thrill on a winter road trip, it isn’t something Portlandians do regularly. Thankfully, Portland and other nearby areas of Oregon offer indoor pools where you can get your swim on all year long. Swimming has tremendous benefits for cardio, strength building, endurance training, and more. Plus, it is proven that spending time in the water helps reduce stress. You won’t catch a tan, but you will be bathing suit ready by the time your first Gorge float comes this summer.

Rock Climbing

Another beloved outdoor activity for Oregonian adventurers is rock climbing. Oregon’s diverse outdoor environments offer a wealth of top rope, sport climbing, and bouldering adventures, some of which can be accessed in rain or snow. Indoor rock climbing offers great training for spring, summer, and fall time adventures. Bouldering has been proven to reduce depression and anxiety. Rock climbing will work every single muscle in your body and built an impressive amount of muscle memory. Prepare to be sore and amazed by the progress you will make in just a few short weeks.


Portland is home to the spiritual, the not spiritual, and those who like to dance regardless of their spirituality. You can find any kind of indoor dance event in Portland from silent raves to dance meditations. Dance therapy is movement therapy. Movement therapy is proven to help get you outside of your head, drop into your body, and relieve stress. Busting a move could be your new favorite indoor physical activity.

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