Healthy Ego

Healthy Ego

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Men can hear a lot of talk about the need to “smash” their ego in recovery from addiction. Ego is what causes destructive behavioral patterns. Ego is what influences the brain to disregard the consequences of personal action on others. Ego is what takes us out of our right minds and puts us into a more problematic place.

Thankfully, the subject of ego has been contemplated, discussed, and analyzed for thousands of years by practitioners of spirituality all around the world. Ego is not a new age spiritual jargon, but a long understand foe of the human experience.

Each person will have a different understanding of what ego is because each person will relate to their ego-centric selves differently. You may find a definition of ego which works for you and puts your relationship to yourself in perfect perspective. Spend time in spiritual and philosophical literature which discusses the many viewpoints on ego and develop your own definition. Look for moments in your life where this definition clearly applies and a sharp contrast is made between the ego self and the non ego self.

Realize that eliminating ego isn’t necessarily the answer to attempting elimination of all of ego’s problems. Ego serves a purpose in our lives by providing us with a platform for healthy confidence and a sense of self-worth. If we were to live entirely without any sense of ego at all, we might be lost in knowing who we are. Ego demands balance, as does everything else in life.

Take to journaling to monitor what triggers your negative ego reactions in life. What bristles you up? What ruffles your tail feathers? What makes you feel that you need to stake your claim, mark your territory, and be outlandish in demonstrating to the world that you are a worthy human being taking up space? What triggers you to believe that you are superior and that there are people or parts of life which are inferior to you? It is all too easy to say “nothing” as an answer, however, such an answer would be based out of ego yet again. Humility and a sense of humbleness will always be the quickest antidotes to an ego which is out of balance.

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