Stay Limber In Road Trip Limbo: Part One

Stay Limber In Road Trip Limbo: Part One

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The great American Road Trip is a birthright and beloved pastime for men in recovery. When you’re living and recovering in an adventure wonderland like the Pacific Northwest, hours in the car become necessary sacrifices to saturating your eyeballs with unforgettable natural sights. A road trip is nearly never not worth it, but the journey can come with a few bumps in the road like sore, tight muscles from spending hours on end sitting in the car. You aren’t likely to be quick in complaints while you’re flying high on the adrenaline of adventure, however your muscles may have a different opinion once you get up out of the car and start unpacking.

Like all things in life, adventure requires maintenance and mindfulness. Not stretching is common among men, as are injuries and painful muscles. Stretching keeps you flexible and limber which is about more than being able to reach your toes. Muscles are what support the joints and allow your body to move. Tight muscles are limited muscles and limited muscles mean limited range of motion. The more you stretch, the more your body is capable of doing. Here is a guide for being mindful of your body on road trips and how to stretch out in order to maximize your adventures.

Your Hips

Tight hips can quickly cause an array of physical problems including tight hamstrings and a tight lower back which puts you at risk for throwing your back out. A bad back is never a fun accessory for any adventure. Consider bringing a towel or yoga mat on your adventures so you can do floor stretches for the hips. Look to yoga poses like pigeon pose and supine twist for release. Sitting, spread your legs and stretch from one side by lowering your elbow to the inside of your thigh. You’ll stretch your hamstrings and hips as well as release your QL muscles.

Your Neck

Driving absolutely can be a pain in the neck if you don’t stretch out. Neck pain can cause you to stiffen up, experience migraines, and have a headache all adventure long. Neck stretches are simple. Rolling your shoulders back and down, place your hand on top of your head. Gently pull your neck in three directions: to the front toward your chest and to the sides toward each shoulder. As you pull toward each shoulder, mindfully drop the opposite shoulder away from the ear, increasing the stretch.

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