How Spiritual Are You?

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We might be able to think of the most spiritual person we know, if we are prompted to think of that person. They might assume a certain character, or seemingly transcend any kind of character. A spiritual person might be associated with a religious doctrine or believe the living spiritually beyond religion. When you talk to someone you believe is more spiritually inclined than others, they are either pronounced in their spirituality or they are modest- either saying a lot or saying very little. Some spiritual people speak their spirituality while others act their spirituality. Even when we think of the most spiritual person we know, we have to realize that the most spiritual person in our life is different from the most spiritual person in another person’s life.

“Spiritual” can be defined as “relating to or affecting the human spirit or soul as opposed to material or physical things. “Spirituality” means “the quality of being concerned with the human spirit or soul as opposed to material or physical things.” There is no one single way to define how someone is spiritual or what their spirituality looks like. Worldly religions have spiritual mystics of their own. Non-religious mystic exist as well. In between there are the everyday men and women like ourselves, who are on a quest to connect to something outside of the human self and be part of something greater. Recovery gives us that gift, encouraging us to develop a spiritual side of ourselves through a spirituality of our own making.

How spiritual are we? How spiritual are the men around us, our peers in recovery? How spiritual are our friends, our leaders, our associates, our family? Spirituality becomes a value. We value the spiritual life. We value spiritual people, spiritual practices, and spiritual principles. Yet, so often, our ego creeps into our spirituality. Comparing ourselves to other people, or most often, comparing other people to ourselves, we base our spirituality on competition and ego. Like a physical competition, we weigh our spiritual muscles against one another to decide who is the best. Like survival of the fittest, we strive to figure out who is the most spiritual to identify who is the most likely to survive.


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