How To Sober Halloween

How To Sober Halloween

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Any major celebration in America tends to involve a lot of binge drinking, events around binge drinking, and many themes focused on drinking. The temptation to drink and party during Halloween can be tough, especially during the first year of recovery. One of the many joys of recovery is learning how to do life sober, from daily routines to having purely unadulterated fun during Halloween. Since Halloween falls on a Wednesday in 2018, there are two weekends worth of time to celebrate the festivity before and after October 31st. Getting through Halloween sober is as simple as refusing to pick up a drink or a drug, no matter how strong the temptation. Back away from the unidentifiable witch’s brew and pick out your favorite candy. Here’s your guide to sober Halloween.

Make Halloween About You

What have you always wanted to do on Halloween that you’ve never done due to drug and alcohol addiction? Addiction tends to be the greatest supporter of “one day” or “I’m going to”. We make plans but never execute them and as a result, we miss out on life. Set up the best Halloween you can think of, but leave room for error, mistake, and life circumstances. Find an epic costume, host a sober Halloween party, or find awesome local events to attend with friends. Anything can be done sober. All it takes is showing up and having a good time.

Make Halloween About Others

Since people are so willing to pay for fun activities during Halloween, consider making your Halloween efforts about others. Unicef is always popular this time of year and Portland is full of amazing non profit organizations who need support. Creatively fundraise for a charity of choice while enjoying the festivities of Halloween.

Celebrate Spirituality

Halloween as America knows it has a lot of cultural history. Spiritually, however, the holiday has roots as far back as Paganism. October 31st is recognized as a spiritual day across many religions, cultures, and countries around the world. Considered to be the day “of the dead”, From October 31st to November 1st, the “veil between the worlds” of the living and the dead is thought to be the most thin- meaning the dead can walk among the living. Though there are many ways to celebrate the spirituality of life and death, one of the best ways is to live thoroughly. If costumes, parties, and events aren’t your thing, take your contemplations on life to the beautiful outdoors surrounding Portland. Get a group of friends together for a Halloween hike or camping trip. Just beware of haunted woods.

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