Let’s Get Weird: Its Halloween In Portland

Let’s Get Weird: Its Halloween In Portland

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If you want to see Portland and all of its inhabitants in some of their most authentic form, Halloween is the time of year to do it. Portland is known for its weirdness, adopting tagline like “Keep Portland Weird”. Full of a variety of people with a variety of interests, Portland is one of those rare places where everyone does their own thing in every way, to the fullest extent. When the world gives Portland a more widely recognized reason to get weird, Portlandians take full advantage, making Halloween an exceptional experience when recovering in Portland. Portlandians don’t hold back in their identity, their passions, and their pursuits. Witnessing the full majesty of everything spooks, scares, costumes, and witchcraft that Portland has to offer, men in recovery can learn an important lesson: there never needs to be an occasion to be yourself and being yourself is awesome.

For 2018, Halloween falls on a Wednesday, which means many celebrations and festivities will be the weekend before Halloween or the weekend after. Plan ahead, invite your friends, and get ready to have weird, sober fun, in Portland on Halloween.

St. Helens Spirit Of Halloweentown

You’re either a Hocus Pocus kind, a Halloweentown kind, a Nightmare Before Christmas Kind, or your traditional scary-movie, thriller, slasher film kind. Right outside of Portland is the town of St. Helens, and they are the Halloweentown kind all year long because they were the filming location for the hit Disney film. From mid October to Halloween, you can find a variety of Halloween events at the plaza in their Historical Riverfront District.

Halloween Haunted Historical House

Portland is chock full of amazing history. During Halloween, the McCulloch Foundation offers you the chance to learn more about Portland’s haunted history while benefiting housing for the homeless as well as historical preservation in the city. Head to Irvington for a walk through the Queen Anne Victorian Mansion. For more haunted delights, check out Travel Portland’s guide or take the “Beyond Bizarre Ghost Tour” with certified ghost hunters.

Do A Costume SUP On Willamette River

Would it be Halloween in Portland if some kind of costume and water based activity wasn’t happening? Last year, the SUP Witch Paddle went viral around the world. Get spooky, weird, and active on the Saturday before Halloween in your best warlock-like black attire. Local and National TV as well as other news outlets are likely to show up, too.

Go Costume Shopping

Part of the fun of getting dressed up for Halloween is the shopping for costumes, especially in Portland. Full of amazing Goodwills, thrift stores, and vintage shops, Portland also has a few specialty Halloween stores, as well as Vintage Halloween stores, and costume stores open all year long- because of course it does.

Get Your Pumpkin On

What’s a Halloween seasons without going out to a pumpkin patch and carving up some Jack-O-Lanterns? Sauvie Island is a wonderful day trip just a short distance outside Portland. Head to one of many pumpkin patches, enjoy local goods from farmers, and even indulge in a corn maze. At Kruger’s Farm, you can enjoy local autumnal fare, fall inspired wood fired pizza, and more. What’s a good pumpkin outing without a good pumpkin smashing? Try shooting a pumpkin out of the pumpkin cannon at Plumper Pumpkin Patch & Tree Farm in NW Portland.

Watch People Paddle On Giant Pumpkins

If all of these Portland recommendations have sounded too normal to live up to the Portland hype, just wait for the “West Coast Giant Pumpkin Regatta”. On October 20th, head to Lake of the Commons in Tualatin, less than 15 miles outside of Portland. Watch participants hurriedly paddle across the lake through a series of challenges on their boats- over 1,000 pound pumpkins.

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