How to Surrender

How to Surrender

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We know that the idea of surrender is extremely important to the recovery process. Sometimes surrendering references the 12-Step program, the idea of recovery, or to the fact that we have a problem. In early recovery, the idea of surrendering can seem difficult, impossible, or like a huge blow to the ego. 

The Necessity of Surrender

Surrendering is a crucial element in the recovery process. When we think we’re in control, it becomes nearly impossible to heal, as there is no healing without vulnerability and the willingness to change. We are asked to admit that our lives have become unmanageable. It’s time for a change. Surrendering allows us to remain open to the program, the recovery process, and the moment. When we “let go and let God” as they say, we admit that something more powerful than us can help us out. This mindset alone is a huge step towards living a life of sobriety and peace.

Release What’s Not Working

Surrendering also involves casting off that which no longer serves our highest good. At the beginning of recovery, this means releasing drugs and/or alcohol and unhealthy relationships, habits, and mindsets. However, the work of surrender doesn’t end there. We are asked to consistently step into the state of surrender, check-in with ourselves, and release what’s not working for us. Recovery is an ongoing process of facing ourselves, embracing new and healthy changes, and releasing old habits and states of mind that inhibit growth.

Let Go of Control

Think of surrender as the exhale part of the breath. There’s release, trust, and disintegration of tension. Thinking that we’re in control takes a lot of effort, work, and grasping. It doesn’t leave much room for change, growth, and healing. Steps 6 and 7 deal directly with this kind of release. Surrender is a daily attitude and action. It’s not something that just happens. Commit to consistently revisiting your mindset around recovery. Are you letting go and surrendering? Are you releasing what’s no longer working in order to make room for new growth?


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