Color Therapy 

Color Therapy 

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Color therapy is a system of alternative medicine that utilizes color, usually in the form of projected colored light. Color therapy is an interesting (and beautiful) healing modality. It typically involves the use of different colors on various parts of the body to promote energetic healing. It can also be a more visual therapy, which involves looking directly at specific colors. The idea is that different colors on the rainbow spectrum correspond with different energy centers in the body and their frequencies can be used to assist in healing. Color therapy can be an effective complementary treatment and can help boost mood, relieve depression and anxiety, and increase creativity. You don’t need to see a color therapist to experience the healing powers of colors. You can incorporate various colors into your life via clothing, essential oils or candles, paint, art, or nature. Here are various colors and their correspondences. 

Warm Tones

Yellow is said to boost wisdom and intuition. If you’re feeling mentally drab or just kind of “blah” light a yellow candle, look at images of the sun, or go outside. Orange is said to promote optimal circulation in the body, as it’s energizing. Orange foods such as oranges or carrots, fall leaves, or simply looking at warm-toned art can stimulate your energy levels and help you feel more vital. Red is super vitality-inducing and can be used to give your mood a serious boost of vibrancy. Red light therapy, in particular, is said to work wonders on seasonal depression. If you’re anxious or over-stimulated, it’s best to avoid surrounding yourself with red.

Cool Tones

Green corresponds with balance. Choose from the middle of the green color spectrum (i.e. not too yellow or blue). Use this color if you’re feeling out of sync or simply need more balance in your life. Blue is soothing. The cooler the color is, the more soothing to the nervous system. If you’re feeling anxious or hyper, look at the blue sky or consider painting your room blue. Avoid blue if you’re already prone to low energy or sadness. Like blue, violet is also a calming tone. Violet is also said to increase spirituality and intuition and can help you gain insight into the great unknown.


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