Is There a Cure for Addiction?

Is There a Cure for Addiction?

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We hear a lot about the fact that addiction is a disease that can be treated. Addiction is considered a chronic and recurring illness. While we can and do recover from our addictive behaviors, it’s misleading to say that there’s a “cure.” Let’s take a look at the difference between the idea of a cure and the notion of recovery from addiction. We’ll also dive into some of the positive elements of recovery being a life-long process.

There’s No Short Cut

In our society, we tend to think of cures as easy short cuts or answers. The truth is, there is no magic bullet or easy “cure” for addiction. Recovery is hard work and requires commitment, effort, and life-long management. The word “cure” can connote a certain complacency or finish line. There is no finish line in recovery. It’s a life-long, ever-changing process.

Recovery vs. Cure

When we’re in recovery, we’re actively learning tools to manage our illness. We’re learning new social strategies, coping mechanisms, and changing our minds and reactions. While we’re in this active recovery process, there are ups and downs that teach us a lot about ourselves, our healing process, and our disease. Along the way, relapse is a possibility, as well as tremendous growth, insight into ourselves and others, and spiritual revelations. The term “cure” can lead us to believe there’s a moment when we can stop all of these management tools and activities. This is false. We’re in this for life.

Enjoy the Journey

While the never ending aspect of the recovery journey may seem like a daunting idea, it’s actually really exciting and powerful. We learn to see recovery as a dynamic state of mind and being, a state that is not stagnant but in a constant state of flux. This means that we are never stagnant. We learn evidence-based tools to help ourselves live the fullest lives possible —  without substances and with insights we never knew were possible. Enjoy the journey.


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