Feeling Out of Control? 

Feeling Out of Control? 

In Addiction, Recovery by Tree House Recovery

While we can’t control everything, we can control our responses to the world around us. Here’s how to feel empowered, more in control, and gain increased peace. Recovery is a time of tremendous peaks and valleys. Negative thoughts and feelings arise often. The truth is, we can’t control our thoughts and they often get away from us. When we get caught in a cycle of rapid and destructive thoughts, we can start to feel out of control. Take a deep breath and know that this is normal. We do have a say over how we deal with these thoughts. Here are a few tools that you can employ when you’re feeling out of control.

Take a Pause

It sounds simple, but taking a deep breath and pausing when you’re feeling as if you’re rolling down a hill with no end in sight can be key to grounding the situation. Pause and know that this too will pass. 

Ask Yourself if You’re Reacting or Responding

Are you reacting to your out-of-control thoughts or responding? Reacting only creates more tension and anxiety. When you respond, you create a mindful space to look at the situation from a healthy distance. When you get caught up in the web of your thoughts, you start to feel as if you’re tumbling around in a turbulent sea. You can choose to step out of the ocean and stand on the beach, watching your thoughts. They will eventually pass.

Letting Go

Ironically, letting go of the illusion that we’re in control actually makes us feel more centered and in-control. The first key to letting go often involves being present in the moment.

Look Back

Imagine that you’re looking back at this situation after it’s come to pass. They say hindsight is 20/20. What would your future self tell your present self to do? What outcome would you like to see?


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