July In Portland: What To Eat In The City

July In Portland: What To Eat In The City

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Portland is known for many things like bridges, roses, and hipsters. There is one thing that Portland and Portlandians do exceptionally well that much of the world knows about as well: food. Living in Portland short term or long term should include as much food adventure as it does adventuring to one of the many beautiful nature areas nearby. To truly have a Portland experience, you have to experience the many varieties of culinary delights in every area of the city.

Outdoor Dining

A Portland summer is the perfect opportunity to get your brunch on and spend daylight hours dining on the relaxing patios of restaurants. Fellowship and brotherhood are important for a man’s recovery, as is getting in a good meal. Combine the two for a summer experience and dining delight. Try Danish treats at Border Soder, Indian food at Bollywood Theater, or a cuban sandwich at Lardo. Don’t forget all of Portland’s amazing food cart areas, some which have seating available. For benches and ambient surroundings, hit the Portland Mercado with tons of options for food.


Everything in moderation is one of the better dietary philosophies. Through treatment at Tree House, men learn that a nutritious diet supports their recovery in mind and body. A well balanced diet also acts as proper fuel for the rigorous workout regimen men participate in nearly every day of the week. Men need the right fuel to keep pushing themselves to new limitations in physical performance. Every now and then, the most balanced diet has to include a sweet indulgence. Portland is the perfect city for finding an outrageous treat. Don’t call it a cheat day- call it a practice in moderation- one that is important for recovery. We love indulging in a dessert on the patio at Pix Patisserie in East Burnside to combine the sweetness of a treat with the savory sunshine outside.

Farmer’s Markets

Of course, few food options in Portland can compare to getting as close to the source as possible. Portland farmers markets are bustling all summer long, bursting with colorful, mostly organic, local produce from all over Oregon state. Grab some friends and head to a market, then set up for a picnic in a park nearby. Many farmers markets also have food vendors onsite so you can shop for groceries, as well as grab some good eats.

Sobriety in Portland can’t be beat. With a city full of local culture and a culture focused on local nature, life in recovery in Oregon is a constant adventure. Tree House Recovery in Portland, Oregon offers men’s treatment programs inspired by the nature of the Pacific Northwest and the innovative approaches to treatment. We’re transforming men’s lives, inside and out. Call today for more information: (503) 850-2474